$700 $1,600

Styletto is now available at all performance levels in our platforms revolutionary own voice processing (OVP).
Styletto wearers enjoy every voice with true fidelity in the most natural sound quality, including their own voiceStyletto crystal clear sound lets wearers enjoy a true-to-life listening experience in all situations.
Our extended dynamic range with an incredible 113 dB maximum input delivers excellent signal quality even in loud the worlds first slim-ric hear wear combines style with high-tech hearing powered by 2.styletto wearers enjoy full-day wearing enabled by unique lithium-ion batteries and charging-on-the-go via our ultra-slim portable charging caseUltra-HD e2e automatic anD adaptive directionality
Extented dynamic range speech and noise management feedback cancellation tinnitus noiser telecare 3.0 ip68 rating peak gain (dB) / mpo (dBSPL) 60 / 119 warranty: 2 years

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