$350 $650

Key Features

WATER RESISTANT: IP 68 rated to be dust and water resistant
AUTOMATIC PROGRAM (AUTOSENSE OS): Automatically identifies the listening environment and blends feature elements from two (calm situation, and speech in noise) programs to select the best hearing aid settings for that situation.
DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES (ULTRAZOOM): Focuses the hearing aid microphones in front of you while reducing noise from the sides and behind.
DYNAMIC FREQUENCY COMPRESSION (SOUND RECOVER II): Compresses sounds from areas where hearing is most damaged, to an area with better hearing. Designed to improve audibility for those with poor high-frequency hearing.
BINAURAL COORDINATION (QUICKSYNC): Co-ordinates the hearing aids so that adjustments made to one device are automatically made on the other device.
TINNITUS RELIEF (TINNITUS BALANCE): Emits a soft noise that is designed to distract attention away from an individual’s tinnitus.
NOISE REDUCTION (NOISE BLOCK): Reduces background noise to improve listening comfort.

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